who are we

American English Academy is a group of English teachers who work online teaching in groups and privately. We are passionate about our students and helping them learn. We believe that connecting with our students and providing meaningful English lessons is the basis of why we do what we do. 

Our goal is to help our students by providing useful English classes, custom English lessons, and much more in order to help the students achieve their desired level of English fluency.  

Our teachers consist of native English Teachers.

Meet Our Founder

English Teacher Monica


Teacher Monica is the founder and one of the English teachers at American English Academy.  As a Native born American from Los Angeles, California, she is passionate about helping you improve your English!
Monica possesses a Master’s Degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and a TEFL Certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). In addition to that, she has worked at one of the largest universities in the United States and at the college level teaching adults all over the world the English language. 
Not only does Monica have formal education, but she also has personal experience with language learning herself! Monica speaks 3 languages so she understands the language learning process very well.
Teacher Monica has been teaching online for several years and is now expanding her school to help more students to achieve English fluency and confidence.
On social media she has a combined total of over 140,000 English learners who learn English with her from all over the world on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. 
Join Teacher Monica and a growing group of online English language learners and teachers! 

Learn More About Teacher Monica

Teacher Monica graduated from one of the largest universities in the US and possesses a Masters Degree in TESOL which stands for “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages”. She also has a TEFL certification and several years of English teaching experience both at the university and college levels and as well as online.

As someone who has learned two other languages, she knows that language learning requires both time and dedication. Teacher Monica believes that in order to speak another language, the key is to use the language as often as possible. Her materials are designed in order to help you effectively learn English and become a fluent speaker.

Teacher Monica has worked with students from all over the world. Working at the university and college has allowed her the opportunity to meet English learners from different cultures, languages, and religions. Although teaching English, she has also learned so much from others sharing their lives and experiences about their countries and cultures with her.


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