Don’t Say Goodbye! Say this instead…

Learn these phrases so you sound more like a native speaker!

English Transcript:

Hey guys, it’s teacher Monica, and in today’s lesson, I’m going to teach you some phrases and words that are going to help you sound more like a native speaker in English. We don’t really say goodbye when we want to say goodbye to someone. It’s not how native English speakers speak. So by the end of this video, you guys are going to be talking like a native speaker.

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So how do native speakers say goodbye? So in the beginning of this video I said that native speakers don’t say goodbye. So what do we say? What do we say when we’re saying goodbye to someone? Here’s some phrases that you can use. Take it easy. Take it easy. This is one of the ways that we say goodbye. So if we are ending a conversation with someone and we’re about to go our separate ways, we’ll say something like, okay, it was nice chatting with you or it was nice talking with you-

Take it easy. Have a good one, have a good one. And this is another way of saying like, have a good rest of your day. So again, you’re talking to someone, you’re ending the conversation- It was nice talking to you. Have a good one. Short and sweet- Take care. Take care. It was nice talking to you. Take care. Now this is a really, really common one. Talk to you soon. Or you could also say talk to you later. They’re kind of like opposite, but they really have basically the same meaning. So it was nice talking to you, I’ll talk to you soon or it was nice talking to you, I’ll talk to you later. So the next time that you are going to say goodbye to someone, use one of these phrases instead. It’s more natural. Again, most native speakers don’t say goodbye. And if we do say something like that, we usually is just the word bye!

So we cut off that good and we just say bye. It was nice talking to you. Bye. And these are all things that you can say whether you’re on the phone or if you’re in person with someone. And they’re also used in both formal and informal context as well. So you can pretty much use these with people that you work with, your boss or one of your best friends or family. Create a sentence using one of these expressions. Maybe add something in there like, Hey, it was nice talking to you. Take it easy, or Hey, it was nice talking to you, take care. Have a good one. Talk to you later and I’ll talk to you later in my next video.

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