Word Stress

Word Stress

In this video we are going to learn about word stress and why they are so important in English.

There is a transcription below so you can read along with what you hear.

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, we’re going to talk about why stress is so important in English. And I’m not talking about the kind of stress that leaves you upset or overwhelmed, but the stress that we use with the English accent, and we’ll use these two two words as an example. So first we have this word and they look, they’re spelled exactly the same. So you’re probably thinking, I don’t know the difference. This is where stress comes in. Stress is what makes all of the difference in these two words. So this word is present and this is a gift. It’s something that you give to someone. It’s also a tense, like present tense. Or can you please be present with me to be involved or active. Now this other word is present, not present, but present. Present, present, and present is like a presentation is when you are giving a talk or you can present someone to someone else.

That means to introduce. So you can see the importance of stress in English on different words. Now let’s look at another set of words. We have this word here and this one, again, two words spelled exactly the same way, but the stress is going to show you that they are actually uh, pronounced differently. So first we have this word address, address. Can I please get your address for tomorrow’s dinner? This is where someone lives. It’s a location. Do you have the address to the restaurants? Now this one is a dress, a dress, and this means to talk to someone or to give attention to someone or something. I need you to address your attention to the speaker. So now we’re going to address the topic of stress. So this means to just give attention to something. So we have address and address, address, address, present, present, present, present stress in English can actually change the meaning of a word.

It can also determine if someone is going to understand your English or not. So stress is super important. Let me know if there are other words that you guys have come across that are spelled the same but pronounced differently because of where the stress is placed in the word. So write them in the comments below. Let me know your experience. I’m also opening up new registration for my online English class. You guys can sign up now. I’m preregister go to the link in my bio and you guys will see an area where you can click on English classes. Make sure to save your spot. I’ll see you guys in the English class.


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