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This podcast episode is the first in a new series called "Real-Life English".

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English Transcription:

Hey guys! It’s teacher Monica and I’m going to be starting a series on different English topics. So this is going to be the first part of this series about home life. So we’re going to learn a few things about home life and how you guys can apply it to your everyday English situations. So let’s dive right into this topic of real life, English and home life.

So I had a lot of things to do today in my house and at some points I even felt a bit overwhelmed. When you feel overwhelmed, it means that you feel like you have too many things to do. Too much stuff to get done, things like that will leave you feeling over whelmed. Another way to describe this feeling is stressed or maybe even a little sad. But there are ways to get around this. So what did I have to do? Well, it had to do with housework. So one thing to pay special attention to this word, housework, I’ve seen some of my English students call it homework and that makes sense, right? House, home, aren’t they the same thing? Well, yes, they are. However, the word house work and the word homework are used in very different instances. So if I say that I have a lot of housework to do, then my listener will know that I’m talking about my house or my home and things that I need to get done, such as cleaning, doing the dishes, washing clothes, doing the laundry and so forth.

So if I say I have a lot of housework to do housework, that’s what that means. It’s another way of saying, I have a lot of chores. Chores are the things that you have to do around the house, like cleaning and cooking, doing the laundry. So I say, Oh gosh, I have so much housework to do. People know that I’m talking about things I have to get done around my house. Now if I say homework, this actually has a totally different meaning. Homework is specific for children or students, college students that bring, their assignments home from school and they have to complete them. This is what homework is. It is very different from housework. So homework can include anything that a student has to do. A child or a college student, an adult ,that is homework and it’s specifically related to school. We don’t use this with work situations like adults who come home from work and still have to do work at home.

We would not call this homework. Homework is very specific. It is used only within the context of school. So a student will come home and do their homework. Maybe they have a lot of homework or maybe they have a little bit of homework, but they have homework. So that is the difference between housework and homework. Now let’s talk again about housework. What does that look like? Housework can include anything from washing dishes, doing laundry, folding clothes, vacuuming, cleaning, anything like that is housework. So try to think of some things that you do that is housework. Is it something that you enjoy doing? It seems like most people I know don’t exactly enjoy housework. It’s not very fun, nor is it very rewarding. Although I will say for me, having a clean home to come to is very rewarding. It actually feels really good when my house is in order.

It’s kept, it’s clean. It’s actually like such a wonderful feeling. So when is the last time that you did housework and what did you do? What was it that you did? Did you clean up after your children? If you have kids, did you do the dishes? Did you mow the lawn? What did you do? Are you looking to improve your English skills? Are you looking to improve your speaking, your conversation skills? Perhaps you’d like to become more fluent in English or improve your listening skills so that you can better understand native English speakers. What are some ways that you usually do this? Do you it by yourself or do you do it with a teacher or a group of friends? Well, for those of you who are looking for a community of friends where you can practice your English daily, you can improve your English, get English lessons, have access to a video library with audios and PDF downloads. I can help you. You guys can join my online English program and you can use a 20% discount code using CLASS20 you can visit my website, www.englishteachermonica.com for more information, and this will conclude the first episode of this brand new series. How’s life home life and real life English.

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