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English Immersion Classes

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Here's how to join:

1. Download Telegram
2. Click below on “join class”
3. Click start to begin

$4.99 per month

You will be automatically charged every month and can cancel anytime! 

English Immersion for every level

English Classes include topics such as:

  • Speaking
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Communication
  • Real-Life
  • Vocabulary
  • Culture
  • Phrasal Verbs
  • Idioms
  • Live English Chat

How do the classes work?

Easy to Learn

Lessons are sent Monday through Friday to the Telegram Channel in the form of videos, audios, texts, quizzes, and live chat with native teachers and your peers. 

Areas of Study

English lessons cover all English related topics so you are always learning and growing. These lessons are designed to help you constantly be in touch with the English language and are designed to immerse you in English as much as possible.


Lessons are on a Telegram channel that is easy to access anytime no matter where you are!

You can go back and review the lessons at any time for deeper study.

Easy payment and cancel anytime! Access to our English support team 24/7!

$4.99 per month

You will be billed automatically every month and can cancel anytime. 

Take English with you!

Learn Wherever You Are at Anytime!

At Home, In the Car, or at the gym

The English Channel is easy to access from anywhere and can be listened to or watched at anytime.

Review and Practice

Lessons can be reviewed and listened to anytime of the day, as often as you wish,  in order to gain the full benefits of the lesson.

Quizzes and Live Conversation

Quizzes will be sent regularly throughout the week so you can test your knowledge to make sure you are understanding the lessons and staying on track.

Live chats will be scheduled within the channel and you will be alerted so you can join and practice your speaking and conversation skills with native teachers and your peers.

$4.99 per month

You will be automatically charged every month and can cancel anytime.


My name is Monica and I’m an American English Teacher from Los Angeles, California.


I have several years of teaching English learners internationally as well as in the US. I am an American Professor at a local college and I have taught myself to speak two other languages. 


I have a Master’s Degree in TESOL and a TEFL certification, both are from American universities. 


I prepare English learners for real-life English situations, not just what you find in textbooks. My lessons include: speaking, grammar, pronunciation, real-life English, listening dictation and much more! 


My Mission is to help English learners around the world improve their English skills by helping them build their confidence with lesson that cover all of the 5 English pillars: speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar. 

See you in the class!