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Speaking: (00:01)
Hey guys, this is teacher, Monica! We are going to learn English with friends!

Speaking: (00:17)
I have to say this. You’re really beautiful. Oh wow. That’s very sweet. Thank you. I’m kind of funny looking

Speaking: (00:29)
Here, Rachel’s date says that he’s funny looking and this means that he is not attractive and he’s not handsome. It’s a nice way of saying that he’s ugly. So if someone says that someone else is funny looking, it’s just a really nice way of calling someone ugly.

Speaking: (00:53)
What? Okay, come on your way out of my league

Speaking: (00:57)
Now we hear Rachel’s blind date saying that she’s way out of his league. He says “you’re way out of my league.” This is an expression that we use when we want to say that someone is better than the other person or too good for the other person. So he told Rachel that she’s beautiful and then basically said that he’s ugly, so in this case, Rachel is out of his league. She’s too pretty for him and he’s too ugly for her.

Speaking: (01:37)
Everybody in here knows it, that guy over there’s probably saying, why’s she out with him? He must be rich.

Speaking: (01:46)
Well, I’m not.

Speaking: (01:50)
so what do you think you’re wanting to order? I’m real excited about that chicken. I’m not funny either. So if you were thinking, well, he’s got that good looking, but maybe we’ll have some laughs. That ain’t going to happen.

Speaking: (02:05)
well, come on Steve. Let’s not rule out nervous laughter.

Speaking: (02:12)
Let’s not rule out nervous laughter. When we don’t rule something out, it means that we don’t forget about something. So Rachel says, Hey Steve, let’s not rule out. In other words, Hey Steve, let’s not forget about nervous laughter. So nervous laughter is just laughing when someone is very nervous or uncomfortable, which was how Rachel was feeling- nervous and uncomfortable. So he told her he’s not funny and she’s probably not going to laugh, but she’s saying, well, don’t forget about nervous laughter because she felt nervous.

Speaking: (03:04)
Hey, now wait a minute, Phoebe told me that, uh, that you owned your own restaurant. That’s impressive. I lost it. Huh? To drugs.

Speaking: (03:19)
I sell screen t-shirts now. Really? What’s that like? It’s really fulfilling doing something you hate for no money. That’s right. I have no money. I’m not funny. I live in a studio apartment with two other guys.

Speaking: (03:39)
A studio apartment is a very small apartment. It doesn’t have any bedrooms. It is one room that has a bed, a kitchen, a living space, and a bathroom. So he’s basically saying that he doesn’t have any money and he lives in a very small apartment with other people. So we’ll keep watching. But before that, let me know in the comments. How do you think this date is going so far? Is this day going awesome or not so great? Let me know what you think. Let’s keep watching

Speaking: (04:21)
and I’m pretty sure I’m infertile

Speaking: (04:30)
Oh, come on. Come on Steve. I must be something that you like about yourself. I do like my hair. Really?

Speaking: (04:53)
hello Phoebe. It’s me.

Speaking: (04:57)
I’m going to hunt you down and kill you.

Speaking: (05:02)
Now we hear Rachel saying that she is going to hunt her friend down and kill her. Now when we hunt something, we are looking for something very intensely and this is often used with animals. So people go hunting, they shoot the animal and often kill it. And this is what Rachel is saying she’s going to do to her friend Phoebe who introduced this guy to her to go on this date. So she saying, I’m going to hunt you down and kill you. It’s just an expression to say that she’s really upset with her friend. Hating this date. It’s not going well, so she’s going to kill her friend. Not literally. It’s just an expression,

Speaking: (05:56)
This worst date ever. How could you set me up with this creep?

Speaking: (06:01)
Here, Rachel says, how could you set me up with this creep? So this phrasal verbs set up used with the context of dating. It just means to introduce someone or encourage you or encourage someone to go on a date with someone so you can say, you set me up with someone terrible or I would like to set you up with someone from work. I want to set you up with a friend. It means that you want to introduce the person so that they can go on a date.

Speaking: (06:42)
You know you are talking about one of my dear, dear friends

Speaking: (06:47)
I don’t care! This guy is a nightmare.

Speaking: (06:49)
All right, so he gets a little crazy when he’s stoned.

Speaking: (06:54)
He’s not stoned. Did he go out for a cigarette? Yeah, four times. My dear. Sweet, Rach!

Speaking: (07:02)
In the description box below there is a link to my online English classes. You guys can start improving your English today. You can build your English confidence, your speaking skills, and you will learn to speak English fluently. I’ll see you guys in the class and I’ll be back with more English lessons soon.

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