Modal Verbs – Permissions and Requests

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Modal Verbs used with asking Permission and making Requests

Modal Verbs are an important part of the English language because they are used in every day speech and conversations. 

Many people have a hard time knowing when to use the correct modal verbs so in this lesson, we focus on the modal verbs that are used specifically with asking for permission and making requests. 

By the end of this lesson, you will have more confidence in knowing which modal verbs to use when speaking in every conversations and improve your grammar. 

Modal Verbs

“CAN”, “COULD” and “MAY” are used to ask permission to do something or to ask someone to do something for you. 

They can also be used to offer help to someone.

“Can is the most commonly used modal verb and is used in informal situations. You want to use this modal verb with family and friends and people who you know well. 

“Could” is used as a replacement for “can”. “Could” is the formal version of can when asking for permission or making a request. 

“May” is similar to “could” in that it is also used for formal requests and permission. 

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