English Phrasal Verbs (Starting with the Letter “A”)

In this English lesson, we are going to look at some phrasal verbs that begin with the letter “A”. 

This lesson also includes an audio so you can hear the phrasal verbs while you are reading them. 

This audio is going to help you to train and improve your listening skills!

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Phrasal Verbs List:


  • Respect or listen to or obey (for example- the law, a school)
    “If you want to remain in this school, you have to  abide by the rules.”


  • Give a reason or an explanation for something
    “I hope you can account for all of the time you’ve wasted!”


  • Take action, to do something because of something else
    “She decided to act on the opportunity to study in Spain when her professor told her there was a scholarship.”


  • Demonstrate something with gestures and physical actions with the body or to act rebelliously or to go against authority. 
    “The man acted out the game in front of his family.”
  • “The child acted out while at the movie theater.”


  • Make sense or seem reasonable.
    “They explained what happened to the police officer, but he felt their story didn’t add up.”

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