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English Podcast | American Pronunciation | Days of the Week

Pronunciation is an important part of learning any language and this podcast will help you to improve your English language pronunciation. 

The transcription for this podcast is provided below. Listen to the podcast once without the transcription and then listen to it again with the transcription to see if you understood everything correctly. 

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English Transcription of the Podcast:

Hey guys, it’s English Teacher Monica and this week we’re going to focus on how to properly pronounce the days of the week in English. This going to be a very useful lesson for you guys because a lot of people talk about the different days of the week in English all the time. All right so if you’re not confident with the way that you pronounce the days of the week then after this lesson you will feel much more confident. One thing to bear in mind is that as you hear me say these words, make sure that you’re repeating them so that you’re getting that practice and you’re getting that mouth movement, lip and tongue placement in there as well. All right let’s go ahead and get started the first day of the work week is Monday in the US okay. And we say Monday. The “O” is actually pronounced like a “U”.

The next day is Tuesday. One thing I want you guys to bear in mind is that the “s” in Tuesday is actually pronounced with a “z” sound- Tuesday. Tuesday in this instance is pronounced like in sound Tuesday Tuesday. The next day is Wednesday we also call this day “hump day” in the United States because it’s like we’re getting over that midweek hump just before we enter into the weekend and it is Wednesday Wednesday. Again the “S” is going to have that “Z” like sound and the way that Wednesday is spelled is: Wednesday, however you’re not going to hear it in the pronunciation we never pronounce the “d” in Wednesday. If you ever happen to pronounce it WEDnesday, you are pronouncing it incorrectly and you want to avoid that.

Wednesday after Wednesday we have Thursday Thursday , notice that you aren’t really hearing “TH” sound and that’s because it is an unvoice “th” sound so you are simply blowing air through your tongue and teeth. I know you guys can’t really see me but you can go check out my YouTube video where you will be able to visually see me doing this, my YouTube channel is called “English teacher Monica” okay so if you want to see what this looks like go ahead and watch the video the American pronunciation of the days of the week. So we have Thursday Thursday Thursday the “u r” makes an “ER” sound Thursday, remember the American “R” is a very strong not “R” like the British “R” that is often times pronounced different it is Thursday Thursday.

And now we’re coming up on most people’s favorite day of the week which is Friday and that’s because it’s the day before the weekend Friday Friday. The “I” has that long “I” sound “I” Friday Friday. Now we’re going to come to my favorite day of the week which is my rest day and it is Saturday Saturday. Now the “UR” is pronounced exactly the same way that we pronounce it in Thursday, Thursday- Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday and then we last day of the weekend- Sunday, Sunday. Make sure that you’re pronouncing that you are pronouncing that “U” as an “U” Sunday.

Now I’m going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that I get and I get asked this question probably every day and it is: “where are you from”. 

So I think because of the way that I look a lot of people aren’t familiar with where I’m actually from. If you’ve only ever seen my podcast or listen to my podcast and you never actually seen what I look like and you can go to YouTube or Instagram and just type in: “English Teacher Monica”, you’ll find me and then you’ll say “hey that’s what she looks like!” I get asked this question all the time and I am from the United States. I was born and raised in California, Los Angeles California and I currently live in Arizona which is Desert State and I love it here it’s very hot very similar to a lot of Middle Eastern countries but I love the heat, I don’t like cold weather and some very happy here. All right guys well I hope that you enjoyed this pronunciation lesson, I will be back with more podcast listings for you soon. Don’t forget to check out my website englishteachermonica.com- where I’ve got all of my social media and everything listed there you guys can go check it out! I will talk to you guys again soon!

You can watch the video lesson here:

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