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Hey guys, it’s teacher Monica. And lately I have not been feeling that good. So instead of you know, being down about it and negative, I thought I would use it as an opportunity to share with you guys some English about not feeling well. So I basically woke up and I had a sore throat, so my throat was feeling quite sore and inflamed, a bit swollen. And when I went to swallow it hurt to swallow. So we call that a sore throat. And then I also had a stuffy nose. This is when it’s difficult to breathe. My nose was also runny, so I had a runny nose, meaning that I was constantly having to blow my nose because my nose was running. Also had a cough and still have a cough and a headache as well. So that is not any fun. When is the last time that you were not feeling well? Let me know in the comments. 

So in order to start feeling better, I started to take some vitamins and I made some tea. So I made different kinds of teas. I had some ginger tea, some peppermint tea. I also had some different kinds of herbal teas. In addition to that I took some vitamins, so vitamin C, lots and lots of orange juice and then today I plan on going and getting some natural vitamin D in the sun. So here in the U S it is winter and so our sun exposure is becoming less and less. A lot of the times people attribute that to some of the reasons why we get sick in the winter, at least here in the United States. I do find that for me that is true. I do usually see my health and feeling well sort of declining in the winter and it probably is because there is a lack of vitamin D so some people get a flu shot, some people don’t.

Some people have mixed feelings about getting these types of shots. I am curious if you guys could share with me, do you guys get flu shots in your countries? What? What do you guys think about getting a flu shot? Do you guys think it’s a good idea or a bad idea? And I’d like to know what are some reasons? What do you guys think, um, are some of the good things about the flu shot and then maybe some bad things about it. So this morning I decided to make a bottle of water and put some lemon, just lemon juice in it to get an extra boost of vitamin C and hopefully get better soon. So like I said before, I wanted to try to find the positives in this and I figured that making a video about, you know, real life and what really happens when you get sick.

Some remedies that we tried to take in order to get better. If you guys have any remedies that usually help you, let me know. Tell me in the comments. Do you guys take honey? I know some people drink tea with honey and lemon juice. Let me know what some of the things are that you guys do and I will try to implement those things and hopefully it will help me to recover faster. Teacher Monica with some real life English tips and situations, different ways that we deal with different sorts of sicknesses in the United States. Um, but I’m always excited and looking forward to hear from you guys, your responses, because I always think that we can learn from each other. So I know that there are things that we don’t do in the U S that you guys would know, and I want to bring it to the U S so that I can help other Americans with natural remedies and remedies from your countries. So share them with me in the comments.



In this video, we discuss different types of things that you feel and experience when you are sick. When you don’t feel well, it’s important to be able to express yourself properly so people can understand what you need and try to help you the best way they can.

Sometimes, people have to see a doctor, the vocabulary in this video will help you be able to tell the doctor what you are feeling and the doctor will be able to give you the proper remedies to help you feel better.


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