Word Order Matters!

Word Order Matters!

A lot of people aren’t aware that the way we construct sentences in English matters. We cannot place words in any order, even when using adjectives to describe people or things. When native speakers hear people use words in the wrong order, it sounds very weird. 

In this episode, you will learn the proper word order to use in English so you sound natural. Make sure you grab a piece of paper and pencil so you can take notes. 

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Read the transcript here:

Hey everyone. It’s teacher Monica. And today we’re gonna talk a bit about grammar and English. So I actually posted something on my social media, kind of asking you guys what you would like to hear more about with my, um, English podcast and different content. And a lot of you responded that you want to learn more about pronunciation and grammar. So I will definitely be posting quite a bit about pronunciation, which I have, I think the past two episodes, I talked about pronunciation. Um, so this time we’re gonna dive into grammar and we’re gonna speak specific about describing people, an adjective order. So believe it or not in English, the order of adjectives actually matters a lot. And when you describe people or describe something in the wrong adjective order to a native speaker, it sounds really, really, so I am here to help you guys do that.

All right. So with adjectives, you often use more than one. Like you might say the tall girl, you might want to say the tall, beautiful girl or the tall, beautiful girl that has curly brown hair, right? So some of you might say, oh, she has beautiful brown curly hair or curly, beautiful brown hair, brown, curly, beautiful hair. So we actually have an order for that in English. And it goes as follows. And if you guys have a pencil or, or a piece of paper, it might help you to remember this by writing it down. Okay. So we go opinion, size, shape, age, color, and then the noun. So the noun is the thing that we are using all these adjective descriptions. So we’ll start with the subject and then the verb. So she has, and then again, I’ll repeat it, opinion size, shape, age, color, and then the noun that you are describing.

So she has beautiful curly brown hair, or you can say is a tall, slim old man. Okay. So we’ll go through a few examples of these and then we will look at how to describe them. Okay. So we’re gonna have the word hair and then we’ll have blonde short and straight. All right. Now, remember we go opinion. So are there any opinions in here? Not really. We don’t think it’s beautiful. We don’t think it’s ugly or nice. So there’s, there’s no opinions. How about the size? So the size is it’s short, short. Okay. And then the shape we set it straight, the age. There’s no age. And then the color it’s blonde. So she has short, straight blonde hair. All right. So those are some examples about word order and the different ways that we describe things or people in the English language. And of course we have a, uh, saying in English practice makes perfect.

So when you’re repeating, you’re putting things into PR you will become very good at it. So let’s keep going. Okay. So here is the example. And then I want you guys to put this in order. She has brown, large eyes round. She has brown, large eyes round. Again, if you have a paper and a notebook, you could write these down. I will help you guys through this. So let’s go, uh, with the first one, let’s go with an opinion. We don’t see any opinions here. So we don’t have to include that. The next thing we’re going to look for is the size. And we see that we have the word large. So she has large. The next thing we’re gonna look for is this shape. And we have the word round. So she has large round. Now we’re gonna look for the age. We do not see an age mention, so we’ll skip that and then we’ll go to color and we have the color brown.

So she has large round brown eyes. Okay. Next example he has. Okay. Remember, you guys are putting this in order. He has blue, big, beautiful eyes. Okay. So we’re gonna start with the opinion and we have be as an opinion. He has beautiful. The next thing we’ll look for is the size. We have the word big. So he has beautiful big. The next thing we’re looking for is the shape. And in this sentence, we do not have a shape. So we’ll look for the age and we also do not see any ages. And the final thing we look for is the color. And we see the color blue. So he has beautiful big blue eyes. Okay. Now the next one, he is an middle aged attractive man. Remember, these are out of order. He is N middle aged, attractive men. Now obviously, N we know that we’re not gonna use that in front of middle age. So that’s kind of a clue right there. All right. So let’s begin with

An opinion attractive. That is very subjective. Meaning it is an opinion. One person might find him attractive while another person finds him to be quite ugly, so attractive. So there’s our opinion. He is an attractive, then we’re gonna go with the size. There is no size. So we’ll keep going to shape which again, there is no shape. So we skip that. Then we go to age and we see that he is a middle aged. So he is an attractive middle aged man. We will always end with the noun. So all of these adjectives will come prior to the noun. All right, guys. Well, I hope that helped you. And I also hope that you guys took notes really quickly. Uh, join me on social media. I am on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. You can find me by typing or searching English teacher Monica. Also, if you guys would like to improve your English speaking skills, I do have an online class that I just recently launched last month. Uh, you can click on my, the links in the description of this podcast to learn more about how to, to join and what is involved. And as always, I’ll be back with more English lessons for you guys. Don’t forget to share this podcast episode with any of your friends that are also learning English.

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